The Fall of jackpots in SL Casino in Riga

Autumn is the golden time in the most literal sense if you are a guest at SL Casino in Riga. This elegant gambling house is the fourth division of the international network of Shangri La. Storm International famous for its prize draws and a serious attitude to the game, manages the brand. Visitors can expect a friendly welcome, maximum attention and interesting parties. This season, the “The Fall” promotion comes into effect with a lot of cash prizes. What else is needed for a great holiday?

This Riga casino is in the exclusive Kempinski 5-star hotel, which opened in 2017 after a complete renovation. The halls of the gambling house occupy six hundred square meters on two floors. On the ground floor from the street, the casino has its own bright sign that leads you to a spacious slot room with more than fifty newest slot machines. In the next room there is a comfortable sports bar, whose wine list will delight you with its diversity.

SL Casino conducts its work in the VIP niche, focused on respectable guests, both residents of Latvia and foreign countries. Interiors and lighting create an atmosphere of discreet luxury and real comfort, which makes the game as comfortable as possible. In the design there are corporate colors and symbols characteristic of the entire network of Shangri La. English carpets, Italian fabrics, European decors and special furniture made of valuable sorts of wood are ordered especially for the casino.

The first floor has a lounge area in the common room with 10 game tables. Here you can play your favorite card games: Casino Hold’em, Russian and Caribbean Poker, Blackjack. Of course, there is the queen of all games — European Roulette in SL Casino.

For guests who prefer a private game, there is a VIP room. It guarantees complete anonymity, the opportunity to play with high bets and, accordingly, higher prizes. In addition, VIP Club members are provided with concierge service, the possibility of staying in the rooms of Grand Hotel Kempinski and a number of exclusive services.

This is one of the few casinos in Latvia, which also offers full-fledged junket tours, which are organized on the VIP level. Guests who ordered a gambling tour receive all the same privileges as members of the VIP club. Also in the price of chips includes plane tickets in both directions, hotel accommodation, meals, drinks, the opportunity to participate in special events, excursion program and other nice bonuses.

Bright events are an integral part of the life of SL Casino (Latvia): theme parties, lotteries, large and very large prizes, performances by musicians and showmen. The program is constantly updated, which does not even bore the regular visitors.

By the way, the program of additional jackpots has been developed for regular visitors. Once a week, each guest who has made at least one bet gets a chance to win an extra lottery cash prize. The peculiarity of such lotteries is that players who make more bets get more chances. In this case, each bet is equivalent to a ticket, which allows even a random guest to get their unexpected jackpot.

About Storm International

SL Casino in Riga is one of the numerous projects of Storm International, which has been operating in gambling for more than 25 years. The first casino of the chain operated in Moscow until 2009 and became a synonym of quality and honesty, as it introduced strict rules at the level of the best casinos in Las Vegas.

Storm International operates four Shangri La casinos in the following countries: Georgia, Armenia, Belarus and Latvia. In Germany, the company manages a network of slot rooms Storm Casinos, numbering 10 units.

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